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Fuji Apple

Apple Fuji

Picture of Honeycrispy Apples

Honeycrispy Apples

Honeycrisp (Malus pumila) is an apple cultivar (cultivated variety) developed at the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station's Horticultural Research Center at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Designated in 1974 with the MN 1711 test designation, patented in 1988, and released in 1991, the Honeycrisp, once slated to be discarded, has rapidly become a prized commercial commodity, as its sweetness, firmness, and tartness make it an ideal apple for eating raw.
Picture of Gala Apples

Gala Apples

Gala is a clonally propagated apple cultivar with a mild and sweet flavor.
Picture of Avacado (ripe)

Avacado (ripe)

A ripe avocado should be even in color and not have any obvious dents or bruises, which indicate it's past its prime. Some varieties turn a deep green or black when ripe, but because not all types do, don't cut into an avocado until it passes the squeeze test.
Picture of Green Bananas

Green Bananas

Green Bananas
Picture of Banana (ripe)

Banana (ripe)

Ripened Banana
Picture of Jalapeno
Picture of Grape Green seedless
Picture of Red Grape( seedless)
Picture of Lime